::feisty joy

16 05 2007

So, I’ve mentioned before that my primary computer is a Dell D400 laptop.  Battery management has always been a minor issue, and I’ve never gotten what I think is the “standard” 2-3 hours that most folks get.

Because it can vary so much from laptop to laptop, power management is a little hit and miss, I think.  I tried various recommendations on the forums, but nothing really worked.  It got to the point about a month ago where I was getting maybe 45 minutes on a full charge.  I figured the battery was probably wearing out and not holding a charge anymore, and was trying to find one for less than the standard $80-$150 that most batteries go for.

I did a fresh install of Feisty about a week after it was released, and was very satisfied overall.  Performance without any tweaks is faster overall, and I’ve had no problems whatsoever with any of my hardware being detected or any software not working.  Wine even works, and I’ve never had any luck getting Windows apps to run well.

But the biggest improvement by far that I’ve seen is the new power management applet.  I can easily change battery modes from Dynamic to Powersave or Performance, and I get just over two hours on battery.  Suspend and hibernate both work flawlessly.

I’m very happy with the whole system.  Bug #1 is a little closer to being closed.