::karmic koala

3 11 2009

I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with yet another review of Ubuntu 9.10, but  I will say this: lovely.

I do believe this is the first time I’ve loved it right out of the box, with the default desktop, no changes.  Well, I did change the wallpaper to one of the 15 beautiful backgrounds that comes in the default installation–an oddly sexual closeup of the inside of an orchid.






Aside from this, it’s default all the way.  The koala is fast, beautiful, and just about the most perfect installation ever.

Nicely done.





::still an ubuntu blog

29 08 2008

So, I used Suse for all of a week and dumped it.  I simply couldn’t stand it.  Yast is slow, standard apps that I personally would just expect and have seen in almost every other Linux distribution just weren’t there.

I was not impressed.

So I jumped back to my trusty Kubuntu, version 8.04.  Opted to run with KDE 3.5 instead of 4, as well.

I am much happier.

I was going to make post completely unrelated to this and found that my last entry had to do with trying out Suse.  I had to set the record straight.





29 06 2008

Installed OpenSuse 11 this morning, just for kicks.

I like it so far.  KDE4 desktop and all.



::this is why Linux isn’t more popular

15 05 2008

A company ports a three-year-old Diablo clone over to Linux, and people get so excited that a) Desktoplinux.com decides to run a story on it and b) it makes the front page of Digg.

And the community wonders why the world hasn’t rushed to embrace Linux.

This kind of thing might have something to do with the perception that Linux is not cutting edge technology…just sayin.



::social networking hits ubuntu

6 09 2007

Ubuntero, a social networking site specifically for Ubuntu users launched today. Sadly, it has already suffered the digg effect, and you can’t get to the site just now.

Regardless of this little bump, it should prove to be an interesting experiment in social networking.



::holy shit, batman

26 07 2007

10,003 hits as of this writing.

That’s cool.



::ready for Edgy–I lag

1 11 2006

fucking sue me.

I know the whole Internet is on the edge of it’s collective seat waiting for me to put up my post about upgrading to Edgy from CD. 

I’m busy…I’ll get to it. 



There’s about a million guides out there, since there are about a million Ubuntu blogs, and the kids need a fucking snack, motherfucker.  You and your upgrade, if you are silly enough to be waiting on me, will have to wait.