what the hell?

jimbo has been an Ubuntu user for a few years now and has been using Kubuntu exclusively for two years, give or take. He is still a little afraid of the command line, and hopes to maybe help a few people along with his experiences in the wonderful world of Ubuntu.Jimbo is 34, married, and has 3 kids. He and Bob Dole enjoy referring to themselves in the third person. They also like peanut butter. Jimbo reserves right, from time to time, to bore you with talk about his wife, marriage, or 3 kids.

He probably won’t talk about Bob Dole too much.

Or something.


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5 02 2008

alright i got one for ya. my other comp is up and running with 6.06 now (hooray no more fucking xp!) but i’m trying to set up a Linksys wireless-usb net adapter instead of direct wiring it to cyberspace. i found proxy settings but that looks like chinese to me. if this will work with ubuntu, what do i do? if it helps i copied the driver to a cd. the final option will be running a huge ethernet cord through living room kitchen & office
catch u later.

4 03 2008


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