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29 08 2008

So, I used Suse for all of a week and dumped it.  I simply couldn’t stand it.  Yast is slow, standard apps that I personally would just expect and have seen in almost every other Linux distribution just weren’t there.

I was not impressed.

So I jumped back to my trusty Kubuntu, version 8.04.  Opted to run with KDE 3.5 instead of 4, as well.

I am much happier.

I was going to make post completely unrelated to this and found that my last entry had to do with trying out Suse.  I had to set the record straight.







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29 08 2008

i winder which of the version are you using with suse…
I have been using it or over a month now and feel that no other operating system comes even closer to beating openSUSE11 in its features and usability

1 11 2008

Hey Jimbo,

I noticed that we both have the same interests in comp/tech/Ubuntu. If you want, we can affiliate? Just send me a mail: FreewareFool@gmail.com

I have 2 blogs:


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