::hardy heron

20 04 2008

I did a network upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04RC this morning, taking a look at both the default Ubuntu and Kubuntu installations. Installation went off without any hitches at all, and I’m very impressed with the new OS. Out of the box, 8.04 is faster than 7.10 by leaps and bounds. I’ve spent hours getting minor improvements out of my meager hardware (Dell Latitude D600, 1.6Ghz processor, 512MG RAM), and so far I feel the need for none of that.

Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, all open in less than half the time they used to take. The interface on both environments is clean and well-organized, and the standard applets work very well. Power management has always been a point of annoyance with me, but 8.04 handles it very well. I do think the Guidance Power Manager (Kubuntu) is much more robust than the Gnome Power Manager, but adding the frequency scaling applet to Gnome makes up for the shortcomings of Gnome Power Manager.

It is important to note that I opted for the KDE 3.5 version of 8.04 over the KDE 4 version, so I’m missing some bells and whistles, I’m sure, in favor of KDE 3.5’s rock-solid framework. That’s just a personal preference there. KDE 4, in my opinion, was released too early for prime time, and I found the shortcomings to be irritating. I also found it just a little too cartoony for me. But again, that’s just my preference and my asshole opinions coming out.

At any rate, if you’re hesitant about the possibilities of your upcoming upgrade, I think you can put them aside. This incarnation of Ubuntu is the best yet.