::excellent speed tweaks

15 01 2007

The other day I stumbled across this page on digg that purported to have some excellent speed tweaks for Ubuntu. I usually check out these pages, but I don’t typically follow their recommendations, just because I’m a little skeptical.

For some reason, I decided to try a couple of things listed.


Significant improvement.

I didn’t do everything, and your mileage, as always, may vary.  I highly recommend that you check it out and give it a try.  You will very probably be happy about the results.

And, as has been pointed out extensively on Digg, these tweaks are not specific to Ubuntu.  Linux users of just about any distribution can benefit form these steps.





5 01 2007

So, this morning I was working with a script I wrote yesterday that I was having some problems with.  I decided to troubleshoot it, so I copied it from /bin to my home directory and decided to remove the execute permissions from the copy in /bin rather than removing it entirely.

I would swear that I type: sudo chown -x /bin/sigmaker, sigmaker being the name of the script.

Apparently, I typed something else.

Because immediately after that, I couldn’t execute any commands.

ls? command not found.

cp? command not found.


command not found.

So, I reinstalled.

And I am once again very happy that /home is it’s own partition.  If you don’t have /home on it’s own partition, I highly recommend it.