::Webilder. Killer app of the moment

29 12 2006

Webilder is a very cool application for linux that allows you to automatically download photos from flickr and Webshots and set them as your wallpaper.

I don’t have a Webshots account, and haven’t used it in the Windows world for years.  But from what I remember, Webilder is fairly similar to the Webshots idea–minus the bloat, spyware, and bluescreens.  You can’t have everything, though.

I do have a flickr account, and I wanted to find a program that would allow me to automatically download images based on tags–my own and others’–and set them as my wallpaper.  Webilder allows you to download flickr images based on album (set) name, tags, and the username of the person who created them–and automatically rotate through them as your desktop wallpaper. 

It is very slick, very intuitive, and easy to install.

Installation for Debian and Ubuntu users is a snap–add the Webilder repository to your sources.list file and simply apt-get the Webilder package.  Other distributions can download and install from source

Try it.  You’ll like it.




::will jesus care

26 12 2006

if i’m a day late wishing him a happy birthday?

I just got so caught up in the whole presents\gathering\drinking\someassemblyrequired thing that I totally forgot.



::underwhelmingly easy

5 12 2006

Finally did my CD installation today, preserving my /home partition and all of the data inside.  I briefly considered reformatting /home as well and restoring from back up, but quickly thought better of it.

Less than 30 minutes after starting the installation, I rebooted into my cleanly installed system with everything just as I had left it, except for the clutter.

Now, because I’m feeling lazy, I’m installing automatix2.  This will get me going with mp3 and dvd support, along with a host of other goodies I can choose from.

The only burning question I have is whether or not Amarok will recognize my Creative Zen mp3 player. But it is not burning enough for me to get off the couch.





::i lag, part duex

2 12 2006

this weekend’s agenda:

  1. complete putting up christmas lights
  2. purchase christmas tree
  3. decorate christmas tree
  4. decorate house for christmas
  5. make a decsion on new digital camera, maybe buy said camera
  6. lots of other stuff i’m probably forgetting–hence the need for a list

I’m thinking this might be a good weekend, for no reason in particular, to do my CD installation of Edgy.

stay tuned.  I’ll take notes.