16 11 2006

…Not really Linux related at all, but this makes my brain hurt in a cool kind of way.

A physiscist from the University of Washington is trying to send a photon back in time.

“It doesn’t seem like it should work, but on the other hand, I can’t see what would prevent it from working,”

I love it when scientists say stuff like that.

Anyway, read all about it.






One response

16 08 2007

how does one identify a particular photon? license-plate? what will happen to the current time-track of that particular photon while it’s on vacation? or will it’s void continue to forge ahead in our stream of consciousness? what IS a photon anyway? and how will he know? will he find a post-it note stuck on his bathroom mirror from his earlier self saying that “hey – i found that photon you sent back” – if it’s never been done before, how will his previous self even know to be trying to watch for it? Why would he even think to watch for it, if he hasn;t even figured out how to send it back yet? he’d be so busy trying to figure out how to SEND it, that he’d not be looking for that particular photon’s license-plate No. – hmm hey if you get these photons from your screen, just know i sent them forward in time so that you’d be experiencing them NOW. Let’s build a better future and stop trying to fix the past.

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