::ready for Edgy–upgrading from the repos

25 10 2006

As I mentioned initially, upgrading from the repos can theoretically be a fairly painless process. Leftover memories of the Bad Old Days with Windows make me weary of this type of upgrade, as well as my own painful experience with repositories timing out the only time I tried it.

Taking a look at the Ubuntu forums, there are many issues reported following this upgrade method, but not necessarily any more than be installing from the CD. All things being equal, this is just as good form of upgrade as any.

So, you’ve backed up your data and you’re ready to rock and roll, eh? Upgrading this way can be done with Adept, Synaptic, or the command line. I prefer to do this type of thing with the command line, so that’s what I’ll outline here.

Drum roll, please

Open up a Konsole window (or gnome-terminal, if you swing that way). If you’ve don’t a lot of customization on your repositories, you might want to consider changing back to your original (you did back it up, right?)

cd /etc/apt


and simply copy the file with a new name. I always use long names that are very descriptive.

sudo cp sources.list sources.list.before.upgrade.to.edgy

or something.

(If you haven’t got a copy of your original sources.list, you can get one here.)

Now that you’ve got that taken care of, open it up in a text editor.

kdesu kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list

and replace all instances of dapper with edgy.

now the fun part

go back to your konsole, and

sudo apt-get update


sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

and get yourself some coffee.

Cross yer fingers…I decided to follow all my own advice and use this method to upgrade my own system using the release candidate.
And that, boys and girls, is why we love backups so much.

I’ll check in later and let you know how it goes. Because I know there are thousands of readers on the edge of their seats now.






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