::why ubuntu, anyway?

29 08 2006

Why does everyone have such a hardon for Ubuntu, anyway?

To be honest, I’m not sure.  I installed Ubuntu after failing to install Debian on my laptop since the installer wanted to know everything there was to know about my hardware but I was afraid to find out.  I had decided to try it after mucking around with RedHat 9 for quite a while and found myself wanting a more current OS.  I didn’t want to move to Fedora, which might seem like a more natural move, largely because 1) I didn’t want to pay for updates, and 2) I just never really liked RedHat all that much. 

I downloaded Ubuntu after hearing about it from a co-worker.  I was immediately impressed with the hardware recognition and the fact that I didn’t have to spend days getting little things like sound and video to work, the way I did with RedHat. 

Why do I stick with it?  Excellent support from the Ubuntu user community, for one.  The incredible breadth of software available, for another. 

Are there better distros out there that are just as good for the home user?  Probably?  Better distros?  Maybe. 

Do I find (k)Ubuntu lacking enough to go out and find them? 







2 responses

14 11 2006

Hi Jimbo, I agree with you. I’ve found the ubuntu hardware recognition to be good (ubuntu automatically recognized my graphics card and sound card). Ubuntu does everything I want, so (at present) I’m very happy with it.

14 11 2006

Thanks for commenting–I’m glad you like the distro, and I hope you like the blog.


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