jimbo’s setup

23 08 2006

I personally find it interesting to learn about the system(s) people run in their homes, and thought I’d take minute to tell you about mine.  Not only is it terribly fascinating, it might be relevant in the future as I talk about different things that have come up on different systems.

There is a total of 5 computers in our house, sharing a wireless connection via a Netgear wireless router.

My personal machine is a Dell Latitude D400 laptop.  It runs a 1.6Ghz PentiumM and has built in wireless.  It runs Kubuntu 6.06 flawlessly, with everything working right out of the box.  My only gripes with the system are: 1) The best screen resolution I can currently get is 1024×768, and 2) The battery life is only about an hour and a half.  I could get roughly twice that from Windows XP if it were on the same machine, which it isn’t.

My wife’s computer is a Dell Dimension C400, which screams along with a Celeron 400Mghz processor.  It runs Windows 2000 fairly well.  It would run Ubuntu very well, and she is reasonably familiar with it, but I don’t care to migrate her over right now.  We plan on buying a Mac laptop at some point in the next year or so.

My son Zach has a frankenputer that I handed down to him about two years ago.  I forget the exact configuration, but the processor is an AMD something that runs at about 1.1Ghz.  It has Windows XP installed.  He used Kubuntu 5.10 for a while, but repeated problems with installing and running Windows games over Cadega led us to give up and install Windows XP.  He does have a mild continuing interest in linux, and there could be a VMware installation or dual boot configuration in his future so he can continue to poke around with it when he wants to.

There’s another frankenputer running ubuntu server 6.06.  It is a 1Ghz P3 with 512MB RAM, which is more than adequate for my meager needs.  I use it to run Gnump3d for serving our mp3 collection and as a back up server for my machine.  My latest quest with this machine is to also create and store backups for my wife and son, but I haven’t really taken the time to explore this too heavily.

Our living room is home to a Dell Latitude C600 laptop that, for now, is a dual-boot of Windows XP and Kubuntu 6.06.  It serves as a laptop for my wife when she doesn’t want to\can’t sit down at her computer and as a jukebox for our mp3s.  I made it a dual-boot recently when I started running into problems streaming mp3s from within XP.  Kubuntu doesn’t have the same issue.  I don’t know how long it will remain a dual-boot. 

riveting, huh?






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